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The Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy, GPFAA, is a multifaceted school that provides a rigorous academic environment while encouraging artistic excellence through integration with multiple arts disciplines and authentic assessment. Daily, GPFAA students study with a unique staff of professional educators, both academically and in the arts, who are also working artists with significant training and experience in their individual disciplines. GPFAA students engage in many enrichment activities and have multiple opportunities to showcase their talents.

GPFAA uses an application and formal audition process to select students to attend. These students are then enrolled in one of each of the seven strands of fine arts offered on campus, including Art, Band, Dance, Mariachi, Orchestra, Theatre, and Vocal Music. Students completing this curriculum will be prepared to enroll in an academic university, arts conservatory, or be ready to pursue a professional artistic endeavor.

Interested in attending the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy?
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